1. Health & Safety Disease Control
2. Health & Safety Injury Control
3. Nutrition
4. Ladders of Development
5. Learning to Play: Playing to Learn
6. Administering Medication in Child Care Settings
7. Keeping Children Safe: Building and classroom Safety
8. Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
9. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Infant Safety
10. First Aid certified
11. CPR certified
12. Fire Safety Verified
13. Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Abuse
14. Transportation Safety
15. Mandated Reporting: Critical Link in Protecting Children in Ga.
16. Health and Safety Orientation Training
17. Meaningful Conversation
18. Certificate of Training:Rhyme with Me;Read with Me pt 1;Talk with me
19. Power of Language for infants and Toddlers