Pinnacle Curriculum is all about creating a warm and friendly environment where children love to learn.  Teachers are provided with a daily theme-based guide that is engaging, developmentally appropriate, and fun for your child. At these tender young ages, the environment and learning experiences your child is exposed to are so important! Pinnacle Curriculum promotes loving, caring, learning environments that your child needs and deserves. Your child will delight in the fun, interactive activities that are available to them and they will develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing and having fun!

Pinnacle Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
Pinnacle Curriculum promotes activities that stimulate growth and development that can be incorporated into the routines of the day. Encouraging an atmosphere of caring, love and hugs, Pinnacle Curriculum provides teachers with fun activities to do with children all day, even the "radical routines" of eating and changing!  The curriculum and lesson plans are designed for personalization, making it easy to craft the curriculum to meet your child's specific needs.

Pinnacle Curriculum Preschool
Pinnacle Curriculum provides for two, three and four year old. These age group's small and large group have time activities, along with center-based activities. Teachers have an abundance of ideas to enrich the learning centers in their classroom, providing many choices for your child to learn more about what he or she is interested in. ?

Pinnacle Curriculum School-Age / Day Camp
Pinnacle curriculum provides opportunities for students to interact with each other as they participate in activities that challenge their creativity and provide a social / recreational outlet for that after-school energy!  Pinnacle curriculum for school-agers expands to accommodate the needs for a full day summer camp program during June, July and August.

Our Promise to you

We are dedicated to providing the very best for your children through a caring staff and quality curriculum. Ultimately, Pinnacle Curriculum reinforces that learning is fun!  From the littlest ones in the infant room to the high-energy school-agers, Pinnacle Curriculum helps foster a positive learning environment run by an educated, dedicated and loving staff who guides them toward their potential every day.